All Mimilore jewelry is handmade and therefore delicate. Please treat your peice with care. Remove your jewelry before any contact with water. Harsh chemicals such as chlorine can cause damage to your jewelry. Always put your jewelry on after getting dressed to avoid contact with creams, perfumes, or cosmetics. Each piece is handmade and may contain slight variations. Avoid exposing jewelry to excess sunlight, humidity, and heat. Store your jewelry in a cool dark place to preserve its shine.

Be aware that Mimilore jewelry is made of a variety of materials and metals. The metals will tarnish over time. You should periodically clean your pieces using standard jewelry polish or metal cleaner. If using metal cleaner we suggest using one drop on a damp paper towel. Carefully remove all residue and avoid touching any rope, leather, or silk materials with cleaners.

If your Mimilore piece is constructed with cotton tassels use a wide tooth comb to detangle strands and finish off with a clean, dry toothbrush to reshape . Gently use a lint roller to to remove debris. To avoid snagging the cotton, pre-roll the lint roller on fabric to remove some of the adhesive. If your Mimilore piece has a silken tassel wrinkle release spray or a gentle steam will re-shape the strands. If neither are handy, lightly dampen the tassel with water and, for extra smoothness, blow dry downwards, away from the top of the tassel.

If you find yourself wearing your Mimilore piece regularly a quick spray of fabric sealant, such as Scotch Guard, can extend the durability and crispness of ropes and tassels. Carefully cover leather and metal elements before spraying. Be sure to brush and shape tassels while still wet, allowing them to dry in the desired shape. Mimilore encourages layering jewelry, but layer your creations wisely, be mindful that some ropes are more delicate and easily snagged.